String: Why it is Immutable?

Why String is Immutable?
This is one of the most popular interview questions. In this blog, we are going to talk about it and find the answer. String is one of the most used Class in any Application. For storing the username, password, address, IP address etc, we need to create String objects. So it is necessary to understand why our most famous and used Class is Immutable.

First of all let’s see what Immutable means:

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An Introduction to OpenTSDB

In our last three blogs, we have talked about the HDFS, Zookeeper & HBase Cluster, which is needed for deploying OpenTSDB in clustered mode. Continuing to the series, In this blog, we will finally deploy the OpenTSDB.

OpenTSDB is a distributed, scalable, time series database built on top of Hadoop and HBase.

OpenTSDB can collect, store & serve billions of the data points without any loss of precision. Which makes it a perfect solution for the monitoring system.

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